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Site Set Up

We assume that a set of drawing stamped as “Good for Construction” from Architects & Engineering Consultants shall be available at site. We are aware of the need for extensive preconstruction planning and site co-ordination on any construction project. This is an area that we are well aware of the rather haphazard approach adopted by the many construction companies.

Construction power and water supplies are vital elements to successful project completion. Our experiences in India now leads us to advise Clients to establish full temporary services for all the contractors to avoid dangerous practices with small DG’s, lack of water for concreting, curing and inadequate dust prevention. To this end, we would prepare a complete ‘site logistics Plan” for the site and any temporary working areas.

It is also recognized that for the large projects, we will be substantial number of site operatives who will need accommodation. A formal plan will be required for dealing with the worker accommodation, welfare facilities and transport should contractors staff be accommodated on the proposed site.

Site establishment

The civil works contractor will be the first to mobilize on site and the initial activities will be concerned with the securing the site, demolishing the existing building and providing the construction infrastructure. We will ensure that the facilities commensurate with the project size and construction time scale provided. Where appropriate, concrete batching facilities, covered storage areas, sufficient and suitable temporary office facilities, sample room, bonded HSD stores and security posts would be coordinated and approved by us. Temporary working area allocation would also be coordinated by us to ensure sufficient space to provide for all package contractors


Contractor shortlists would be prepared taking due account of past performance, current workload quality of product, financial stability and current management. Recommendations would be made for client approval prior to tendering. Briefing sessions would be held with selected contractors to ensure that they fully understand the requirements of the project being tendered, in most instances these type of procedure are common practice within India and tendering contractors frequently make assumptions and qualifications in their subsequent tenders in which, if not adequately dealt with prior to order placement, lead to time overruns giving the client little recourse for compensation. Programs, method statements and lower tier subcontractor selection would be important consideration to be addressed when reviewing tender submissions, as would safe working methods and quality control/assurance procedures. We would work in the selected contractor(s to develop and overall project master program that would identify all deliverable items essential to the success of the project. These “deliverables” would then be mentioned and reported against by the respective parties to the project. As construction proceeds a closed loop system of quality control would be operated such that problem, once identified, has a corrective action plan promptly develop and monitored until the situation is rectified.

Advance Orders

Advance orders for long delivery items and client supply items would be identified and purchase strategy agreed with the client. Mechanical and electrical plant, plumbing, architectural items, specialist services equipment, etc. will all need to be identified with the necessary lead times clearly shown so that risk of delay through late delivery are avoided by effective administration and control.

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