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Environment, Health & Safety

Review and monitor the safety and accident prevention program and procedures put into place by the contractors to make sure that such programs and procedures are adequate and sufficiently cover all construction activities and all persons at the site of the project, including subcontractors, visitors, and suppliers of materials and equipment. Coordinate unit optional upgrades with base building work. This review shall not indicate or imply that we is in control or change of any construction means, methods, techniques or sequences or any safety procedures or programs in connection with the project construction work. Provide organized record keeping on behalf of the developer/owner.

We undertake the Environment, Health & Safety audit for a large complex project where in safety team identifies the various risk involved in project and proposes the mitigating plan. We define the project specific safety system such as:

  • Establishing minimum EHS standards for the project
  • Resources required to ensure safe working atmosphere
  • Fall protection system including edge protection work at height issues
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plan
  • Safe working method statements for critical activities
  • Various permits to work
  • Regular inspections to identify and correct unsafe situations
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