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A Comprehensive and detailed program for the complete project of the facility is the fundamental to the successful and timely completion of the Project. We would assist the Client’s design co-coordinator with the overall planning strategy of the project. The main parts of the master program would include

  • Procurement strategy & Tendering
  • Interior design detailing & exterior landscaping design finalization
  • Civil construction
  • Mechanical and Electrical installation
  • Fit-out and finishes
  • Commissioning & witnessed Testing
  • Soft Opening
  • Operator’s training
  • Formal Opening
Level 1 Program

An overall strategic program on one sheet showing the major elements of work and the overall direction of the project.

Level 2 Program

A further expansion of the above program and would include such things as letting the main contracts for the works

Level 3 Program

This would be comprise several programs and would include the working programs for all the main elements of the work i.e. procurement, construction, and commissioning.

Level 4 Program

These would comprise the manufacturing, construction and installation programs and would be generates by participating contractors.

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