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Develop and implement a program to monitor the quality of construction. This review shall not relieve the contractor of any obligation to perform the construction work in strict conformity with contract documents between the Owner and the contractors and in strict conformity with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Quality can be defined as “the measurable degree of excellence”. We believe that to attain excellence the project team that to attain excellence must be motivated and committed to managing the project. Our supervisory staff is trained to demand the highest quality form all the members of the project team throughout each stage of detail is essential. Tight control and effective management of a project are the project development.

We appoints a team comprising of Engineers and Architects under guidance of our senior Management, who will apply quality management techniques to review the ongoing construction and report the risks, defects and recommend improvement in quality where the quality is below budgeted expectation. We understand that quality and costs are interlinked and it will be our endeavor to review and report the standards where quality is below budgeted expectation.

Standards are stipulated a contract documents shall be the benchmark for inspection. We conduct office site visits to the manufacturer’s facility and inspect for its conformity to the stipulated standards before it’s dispatched to the site.

The objectives of quality audit in our opinion are:

  • Evaluate the project process in order to identify defects so that they can be fixed
  • Provide recommendation to prevent future defects in the project process
  • Review and report quality standards with respect to specifications and contract documentation.
  • Prepare monthly audit report collating observations, risks, defects noted and recommendations
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